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Update: Just so you know, the whole crew is cooking up something for you to enjoy next month, April! Stay tuned! Hello Folks! The NightMS server is now up! Due to a two-day long delay/server shutdown, I, MysticMyst, is gonna have EXP Madness Events later on! The delay was caused by a problem on the game. While the players can't wait to log-in, I spent my over 300000 3 hours (which was to review for my final examinations tomorrow) to fix everything! Now the server's back up! (psh, thank me or else i'm going to bite you on the nails until you bleed!) Have fun, and a Compensation event (due to the two-days delay) will be hosted by different GMs and, including your favorite Dev! Have fun! ~ MysticMyst

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 [GM] JhonrA_AKA_BlueDanny

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PostSubject: [GM] JhonrA_AKA_BlueDanny   Sun Mar 21, 2010 10:20 pm

Real Name:
Danny Kim


Location and Time Zone:

Applying for:
Game Moderator

Experience (if any):
None (:

Description: Hello my name is Danny I'm Korean, I like hanging, oking around with people and helping out others, Well I do enforce rules because thats one of the things I think of as necessary to keep the other but I don't like boring stuff so don't worry I enforce rules and make things funny Smile, also I like playing sports like: Basket, Base, Foot, Volley Ball and soccer. I practice Tae - Kwon - Do I'm red belt almost black!!! Well and thats most about my personality and the sports I practice.

Razz I might edit this to add more of stuff I do or like.

In-game Name:
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PostSubject: Re: [GM] JhonrA_AKA_BlueDanny   Sat Mar 27, 2010 4:58 pm

Good luck =)
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[GM] JhonrA_AKA_BlueDanny
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